Tages-Anzeiger – Column Headers

This is a series of illustrations for Swiss daily newspaper Tages-Anzeiger. They were adapting their online columns to be running also in the daily print issue, and each of the 14 different blogs needed an own header.

The topics ranged from sports, lifestyle, design, parenting to religion and politics. These illustrations follow the “little-guy/girl-in-peril” concept I have been also employing in other illustration series’ – like in the Psykologi-series to some extent.

Challenging in this project was the extreme wide format – the little person almost does not fit in at full length, standing up. There are a lot of work-arounds and crops to make him or her fit and at the same time give a sense of the scenery.

Different than other projects is, that these images were not intended to be printed once, but continuously, possibly several times a week. I hope they retain some interest, even after repeated viewing.

Tages-Anzeiger (CH)

July, 2015

Nathan Aebi