New Scientist – Inner Voice

“Do you sometimes feel that Jiminy Cricket is perched on your shoulder, whispering thoughts into your head? The “inner voice” is perhaps the most intimate of all our experiences, and has also been the most poorly understood.”

I made this illustration for an article titled “Inner Voice” by Charles Fernyhough in the New Scientist. I think the idea was set from the beginning by the art director Craig Mackie, so I have to give all credit for that to him.

There were earlier versions, where the guys sat in more recognizable bubble chairs, but in the end the simple circles won. I also tried for some time to have the chairs or men represent some facial feature, like the eyes or the cheeks, but I could not make it work. A human silhouette is however so recognizable, that this maybe would not have been needed anyway.

New Scientist (UK)

June, 2013

Craig Mackie