H.O.M.E. - Colors

This is an illustration series for the interior design magazine H.O.M.E. It ran with an article by “color guru” Sir Terence Conran.

Unfortunately I do not have sketch material for these anymore, but here some ideas behind the images: 
The first one features Bauhaus teacher Johannes Itten’s color wheel.
Somehow more than his color theory Itten’s anecdotes from an autobiographic text I once read by him stay in mind. During is time at the Bauhaus he gathered something like a cult around himself. They shaved their heads and wore monkish clothing. Itten himself also described that he experimented with eating nothing but beans for a while.

The last image has an obscured “message”: All the circles in the picture represent the planets of the solar system and are drawn in their actual size relations. For example the biggest orange one in the upper right is the sun. The numbering then follows the order of the bodies 2) Mercury 3) Venus … Earth (number 4) is the little blue dot in the center. To create more confusion I then also started numbering other areas of the image, that had nothing to do with the planets. It creates the impression of a paint-by-numbers-picture – maybe this is an analogy to following advice by a “color guru”.

Regarding colors: this is the first projects were I ran rather fittingly wild with the colors, even employing gradients. Something I had avoided previously.

H.O.M.E. (Germany)

February, 2012

Gerhard Amann