Café Endlager

This is a rare excurse I did into information graphics.

For the 24th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster a temporary exhibition was organized in Stuttgart, Germany. It was titled “Café Endlager”  and featured installations, texts and other artworks dealing with the subject of nuclear threat. Accompanying the exhibition was a magazine/catalog on newsprint, that I designed and partly researched two information graphics for.

The colors of the concentric rings on the countries on the world map represent the following facts: cyan – reactors being planned, dark blue – reactors being build, magenta – reactors actively in use, dark grey – nuclear waste storage sites and enriching facilities, yellow – nuclear warheads (100 pieces per 1mm), light grey – uran mining per year (100 tons per mm).

The idea was to create a glowing, radiating world.

The second map takes  a closer look at Germany, the locations of active and closed nuclear powerplants, and the amount of energy, but also nuclear waste they have thus far generated.

For the exhibition the world map was printed up hugely, and mounted in a beautiful golden frame, as can be seen in the photos below. The exhibition “Café Endlager”, ran in Stuttgart, Germany from 25.4.2010 to 9.5.2010. Less than one year later a tsunami hit the east coast of Japan, and created the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

The photograph of the magazine was taken by Ralf Grauel. The panorama shots of the exhibition were made by Josh von Staudach.

Entega (Germany)

April, 2010

Petra Langhammer
& Ralf Grauel